Menu Pages

Menu Pages 


As a local dining app, Menu Pages is an all-time favorite of mine. I loved the simplicity of it back in the iOS 3.1.3 days! Unfortunately, it hasn't evolved much since then. The following is a walk through process of my redesign concept.


The Problem


Below are some examples as the user currently sees the app. Although, Menu Pages is visually outdated, it has some good bones.  The main focus should be first on menus followed by the details. As it stands it feels more like a diluted version of its competitor, Yelp. Restructuring the flow and style will set Menu Pages apart from other restaurant/menu apps, making it the premier choice for users.


Design Exploration


I submitted my ideas to co-workers, family, friends and friends of friends to find out what was really important to the users. The results were pretty shocking — user's were really indecisive! Just before lunch, I asked them to search for a restaurant using popular apps of today. To my surprise, it took them a long time to decide what they were hungry for! When I asked, "Why?", two answers  stood out— "Too many choices to choose from," and "Everything sounds so good." I can relate to this same issue. When my wife and I are hungry, we search around for restaurants to eat at and usually fail-safe to a place we've been before, because it's hard making a new choice. Ultimately, I took the data and created subcategories for restaurant cuisine and food types to ease the pressure of choice. When presented to the same test group, they were able to feel some ease in the decision process.

Wire Frame

Conquering Hunger with Options


Refining the new purpose of the app — I wanted to keep it simple with an interface that's fast, receptive and easy to understand. As previously stated in my data, it was found that users are consistently indecisive about 'what' to eat, even when they're hungry. This reaction was caused by having too much choice all at once. I wanted to give users an option on how they went about their conquest of hunger by adding two main categories of search: Cuisine type and Food type (i.e. Italian Food vs. Pasta).


Challenging Simple


It was very challenging trying to keep the interface of Menu Pages simple. Additionally, my goal was to help the user find something to eat as quickly as possible with bits of information on the way. I was able to solve this issue by hiding most of the information inside the profile of the restaurants, and provided just the right amount of information to help the user make a decision and defeat their hunger. 





Although I was not contracted for this project nor has Menu Pages shown any interest in refreshing their app - I gained a lot of experience with case studies and design tools. I kept my design simple and delicate by reducing unnecessary information, all the while providing a user friendly app. This concept project provided me with experience in case study and various design tools.

  • Figma (interface)
  • Adobe Illustrator (logo)
  • Pixate (soft prototype)